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Vessel slipping - a set of operations and activities that ensure the raising of a vessel from the water for subsequent examination, fault detection, repair of the underwater part of the vessel or its disposal. In any of the above cases, inspection and analysis of the condition of the screws, body, bottom fittings, steering wheel is carried out.

Vessel slipping involves lifting the ship from the sea along special rails, and then moving it to the side. This allows you to use one SLIP for inspection of several swimming facilities at the same time. A simplified version of the SLIP are boathouses (it is only possible to roll out the vessel on carts, without moving it).

The ship-lifting capacities of the Pomor Shipyard company consist of a transverse SLIP “G-300” with a horizontal sliding platform, which allows lifting, placing and repairing at one time 6 units of vessels with the following parameters: dock weight up to 3,000 tons; length up to 115 m; width up to 20 m.

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