Development of design documentation

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Specialists of Pomor Shipyard are developing various design documentation for the re-equipment of ship systems and structures.

1) Development of documentation and procedures in the shipping industry:
  • instructions for use in polar waters;
  • abandonment guidance;
  • waste management plan;
  • shipboard oil pollution emergency plan;
  • ship energy efficiency management plan;
  • calculation of the discharge intensity of untreated wastewater;
  • fuel change guidelines (for air emission control zones);
  • Guidance on entering enclosed spaces;
  • plan and procedures for lifting people out of the water;
  • maintenance plans for fire fighting and rescue equipment.
2) Development of staff watch instructions

3) Development of projects and design documentation for ship modernization, installation of new or replacement of old equipment, devices, mechanisms.

4) Development of repair drawings, ship repair technologies, ship equipment, devices and mechanisms.

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