Completed the demolition of the tug "Karin"

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25 February 2019

Completed the demolition of the tug "Karin". Dismantling of equipment and mechanisms was carried out, the hull of the vessel was cut and put into scrap metal. All work on the demolition of the vessel was carried out on the slip of the enterprise.

Pomor Shipyard Ltd. advocates preserving the ecology and the environment in the port of Arkhangelsk and encourages shipowners to contact only specialized ship cutting and demolition companies!

Main characteristics of the tug "Karin":
Length - 21.8 m, breadth - 7.4 m, side height - 3.5 m, draft - 2.7 m. Vessel class: KM L3 R3 tug. Project 1514, type "Raid". Year Built - 1969.

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