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The mooring wall of Pomor Shipyard with a length of more than 250 meters allows you to offer ship parking services during the inter-navigation period with the possibility of scheduled repairs, maintenance services or without them. The closed guarded territory of the enterprise guarantees safe parking of vessels at any time of the day.

The plan for the arrangement of vessels in the water area of ​​the plant includes both winter storage on the berth of boats and yachts, as well as inter-naval sludge of vessels of various types and dimensions at the berth wall with the possibility of loading and unloading. To supply cargo, equipment or structures, the mooring wall is equipped with a KPM-16 gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 16 tons. At the request of the Customer it is possible to supply electricity, compressed air, bunkering with water and fuel.

Main berth dimensions:
Type of construction - berthing construction with a vertical wall.
Appointment - transshipment of general, bulk and bulk cargo, ship repair, sludge.
Class of construction - III.
The main sizes:
berth length - 151.8 m.
total length (with postcards) - 283.65 m.
design depth - 4.8 m.
width - 7.72 m.
area - 1503.6 m2.

The main parameters of the portal crane KPM-16:
The largest outreach is 45.0 m.
The lowest boom reach is 11.0 m.
The total lift height is 70.0 m.
Luffing capacity:
from 45 to 32 m - 7.5 tons.
from 32 to 22 m - 10.0 tons.
from 22 to 11 m - 16.0 tons.
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